Random: Giveaway Raya by Mrs Pip

June 7, 2017

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I was actually thinking hard for this, actually.. I couldn't recall of any good memory, simply because Ramadhan had always been a common one for me.. Oh wait..  I think the most memorable Ramadhan in my life was two years back, when I was in semester.. It was the first time of fasting without my family around, and guess what..? We even need to move in to the new hostel, while fasting.. Going around back and forth to transfer our things, surely it was the most tiring Ramadhan ever.. But come to think of it, it was the best new experience in my life, and surely, something that I would never forget..
We were pretending like sitting on a "tikar ajaib" while waiting for the lift to be empty so that we could load our stuff.. 😅